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Medical Cannabis Patients 

Medical Cannabis Patient Requirements

To purchase our THC products you must have a valid medical marijuana certification card and a valid government issued drivers license or ID.

How to get a Maine Medical Cannabis Card:

Who is Eligible?

Everyone! There are no restrictions for the conditions that medical marijuana cards can be issued for in Maine, which means that if you want to try cannabis for any of your health, wellness, or medical needs, you can.

How do I Get One?

It only takes about 15 minutes and can be done completely online. Cards range in cost from about $50-$150.

To get your medical card, you’ll need to be seen a qualified physician who does medical marijuana certifications. The doctor will make sure that you’re a good candidate to try cannabis, and that you aren’t at risk for any negative drug interactions. If you qualify, you will leave the appointment with your card.

Where Can I Get Certified?

Here are a few recommendations for where you can go to get your certification.

Quick Med Cards Maine

Cheap Med Cards Maine

Beach Health Center: 207-229-4492
(In our store Tuesdays 12p-4p)